This series contains 4 x 90 minute Zoom webinar sessions that were recorded 'live' (plus loads of bonus content). There is a Q&A with participants at the end of every masterclass.

  • Lots of new tools and practices to try out that will deepen your relationship & connection

  • Increased sexual chemistry & sexual currency to fill up your love banks

  • New, fun and creative ways to experience intimacy together

  • New aha moments, and ways to ignite desire between both of you

  • Communicate better, argue better and make up better.

  • There is no doubt about it, when sex and intimacy decreases in marriages and relationships, it can bring up all sorts of painful feelings and have a ripple effect, spreading out into other areas of the couples' lives.

  • First things first, we can be compassionate with ourselves in knowing that we received little education on how to cultivate connected sexually intimate relationships. We didn’t get the ultimate lover’s guide to our partners' body, mind & soul.

  • In this series you will learn the common issues couples are facing and take away practical, emotional and educational practices, ways to have conversations, and ways to connect, that will support your marriage and relationship.

  • We want you to have the simple and effective tools that will bring you back into connection with each other. It is possible with the right guidance to overcome what can seem like insurmountable barriers.

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  • Couples who keep arguing and going round in circles about the same things (on the surface it may seem likes it's about the dishes, or who isn't pulling their weight in the relationship, but deep down at the core the intimate connection is suffering and needs addressing)

  • Couples who have been through a stressful event, family, work, or mental health issues and need some expert guidance to support them, to close the gap they are now experiencing with their lack of touch, affection, connection and sexual intimacy

  • Couples who are experiencing issues with partners who have closed down to the idea of sharing sexual intimacy, because they do not feel desire anymore

  • Couples with erection issues even when aroused

  • Couples where the partner feels that they want to have sexual intimacy, but feel unable to because of a physical or emotional issue that is blocking them

  • Couples who are curious about how to improve their sex lives and increase their levels of connection and pleasure

  • Couples who feel stuck in a rut with routine/habit that leave little space for excitement and pleasure in their relationship

Ready to re-connect in your marriage & relationship?

Meet the 9 coaches who will be leading you through the Masterclass Series.

The 4 part Masterclass Series

  • 1

    Week 1 - Bonding Bio-hacks & how to heal painful sex - with Emma, Harmony & Marianne

    • Marianne & Harmony's Masterclass

    • Video Masterclass with Emma, Harmony, & Marianne

    • Audio Lesson: Nurturing Self Love & Yoni Breathing - Breath of Awe

    • 31 Days of Deeper Love Guide

    • Embodying Your Inner King to Worship Your Queen

    • Connected Communication: Desires, Fears and Loves

    • Week 1: Complete!

  • 2

    Week 2: Routine, desire & couples communication tools - with Emma, Kim and Marie

    • Marie & Kimberly's Masterclass

    • Video Masterclass with Emma, Marie, & Kimberly

    • Clearings

    • Pussy Massage

    • Pussy Massage Audio

    • Penis Massage

    • Penis Massage Audio

    • Week 2: Complete!

  • 3

    Week 3: Understanding the Masculine & Feminine Dynamics and Navigating difficult conversations about intimacy - with Emma, Casey and Justina

    • Casey & Justina's Masterclass

    • Video Masterclass with Emma, Casey, & Justina

    • Introduction to NVC and the 4 Steps

    • Spark

    • Week 3: Complete!

  • 4

    Week 4: The 5 Erotic Blueprints & The Yes and No game - with Emma, Joyce and Karyn

    • Joyce & Karyn's Masterclass

    • Video Masterclass with Emma, Joyce, & Karyn

    • The 3 Minute Game

    • Learn Your Erotic Blueprint

    • Week 4: Complete!


  • Q: Who is this workshop for?

    Couples that are struggling with sexual intimacy and would like to learn how to reconnect and build sexual currency.

  • Q: I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

    You can email coaching@emmaspiegler.com (Please allow 3 working days for a response).