A masterclass series for men and women who are ready to expand their pleasure potential and learn about orgasm in a whole new way.

Orgasms and pleasure can change your life?  Yes absolutely.

This series brings you intimacy and sexuality experts from around the world. Each one of these coaches has journeyed deep into the realms of eroticism, pleasure and ecstasy. They are here to share the tools and techniques that will support you to discover your own pathways to bliss.

  • Do you want to:

  • Connect to your body in ways that nourish you and/or your partner deeply?

  • Increase your levels of joy & pleasure & fill up your love banks?

  • Experience paradigm mind shifts in how you experience your and/or your partner's sexuality?

  • Expand your capacity to feel every delicious sensation of pleasure throughout your genitals and your whole body?

  • Feel more connected to your authentic self, more confident & more powerful?

  • We need to take pleasure into our own hands, quite literally!

  • Pleasure is how we move out of survival mode

  • We need this shift in our bodies. We need to balance out the levels of stress we experience.

  • What better way to feel good and give yourself a boost than being inspired, uplifted and energised by some incredible sexuality coaches who deeply embody pleasure.

  • In this Masterclass Series we are talking about deep, life-changing orgasms. Heart orgasms, full-body orgasms for men and women, healing our nervous systems with sexual energy, tools and techniques to deepen your solo and/or partnered exploration of your orgasmic pleasure potential.

  • Make feeling good inside a priority for you and your partner. Imagine how energising and exciting it will be to join men and women from all over the globe, who are ready to learn more about female and male orgasm, in a whole new way.

  • This is what we need, a space where we can learn together about the male and female body and what our incredible bodies are capable of.

  • Get very excited because you will be getting access to teachings and wisdom that is usually just shared in single-sex groups.

  • Let's not see pleasure as something we only get to experience after we have achieved everything else we need to do. Because let’s face it there is always something to do!

Expand your pleasure potential

Experience more pleasure in your body

Lead your partner into more pleasure

Create a powerful ripple effect into other areas of your life

  • It is like the 4 minute mile affect. Once athletes knew someone was able to run a mile in 4 minutes, others quickly followed.

  • Once you see what is possible in your sexuality and your sexual relationships, then you open up a whole new world of pleasure, from the subtle to the sublime!

  • Increase your self love

  • Improve how you and your partner experience sexual intimacy

  • Take radical responsibility for your pleasure

The Masterclasses

  • Week 1 - Sexual energy for healing the nervous system with Amanda & Men's full body orgasm (including demo) with Tyson

  • Week 2 - The art of squirting and female ejaculation with Hilary & Heart and Breast Orgasms with Sasha

  • Week 3 - Paradigm shift for men's orgasms with Erika & Emotional orgasms with different emotions such as anger or sadness with Marina

  • Week 4 - Energetic orgasms with power of the mind with Bee & Men's full body orgasms) with Mirjam

  • **BONUS call**- Cervical orgasms with Marianna


  • Penis Love (Guided Audio Practice for Men)

  • Embracing the Orgasmic Self (Guided Audio Practice for Women)

  • Grounding practice (Guided Audio Practice)

  • Pocket Forest (Guided Video Practice)

  • Sensual Breath of Awe (Guided Audio Practice for Women)

  • Gushing Goddess (Guided Audio Practice for Women)

Meet your host...

Emma Spiegler is a Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach.

Over the last decade, Emma has studied with sexuality teachers across the world, including renowned Sex Coach Layla Martin's Vital Integrated Tantric Approach Coaching Method (VITA).

Emma privately coaches men and women, supporting them to heal negative relationship patterns, embody a deep self-love and expand their capacity for pleasure. Emma is the co-teacher for a Women's group coaching programme Living The Art of a Turned on Life.

Prior to becoming a certified Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach, she was the Founding CEO of an international award winning charity for children and adults impacted by parental substance misuse. @emmaspiegler or www.emmaspiegler.com

Meet your Coaches...

Marina Nabao

Marina serves womxn and non-binary folks internationally. She's passionate about the wisdom, healing and power of our bodies, integrating mind-body-spirituality in a conscious and trauma informed way so we can thrive.

Hilary Kimball

Hilary believes that tuned-in and turned-on women, who live with more pleasure, passion, and purpose, is what changes the world one pussy at a time.

Erika Kawalek

Erika is a Tantrika (practitioner of classical Tantra) and is certified in Daoist Women's pleasure practice. She holds a certification from trailblazing feminist Betty Dodson and leads BodySex Circles, bridging ancient mystical practice with 20th century pro sex feminism.

Tyson Adams

Tyson helps high impact entrepreneurs harness and transmute sexual energy into true wealth.

Sasha Cueto

Sasha specialises in using sexual energy as an alchemical force, that brings people back home into their power and pleasure.

Mirjam Irene

Mirjam does tantra massage and de-armouring sessions with men and women. She is very passionate about sexual healing inspired by modern sexology, Taoist, Tantric philosophy and practices.

Amanda Testa

Amanda works with busy professional women and couples to feel incredible in their skin, tap into abundant energy, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, and enjoy better connection and fulfilment in their relationships.

Marianne Van Katwijk

Marianne helps women to unleash their inner wild magic and awaken to their natural feminine blueprint of turn-on and pleasure.

What people are saying about the series...

'Amazing knowledge sharing! Thank you, so pleased I got here to learn this. I think it's really going to expand my sexual life!'


'It's sooo useful for men to know this. Like it can create more sexual synergy if the giver is knowledgeable. I feel really privileged and grown as a man to know what I've learnt today. '


Ecstasy is Necessary Masterclass Series

*4 Masterclasses (with recorded Q&A's)

*Bonus Masterclass

*Extra content - 5 Guided Audio Practices & 1 Video Practice

Open up to a new world of pleasure, from the subtle to the ecstatic

Usual price for 4 x Masterclasses = £268

Now ONLY £67


  • Who is this Masterclass Series for?

    Singles and couples wanting to learn more about pleasure and ecstasy.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    You have unlimited access to this course.

  • I am quite busy right now. Can I complete the series at my own pace?

    Yes. You will have access to the materials forever. You can absolutely go at your own pace as an individual or couple, or follow the pace of the online structure, which will is one module per week. Many couples who buy this course keep coming back to the masterclasses, practices & guides over and over.

  • Is this live or a recording?

    This series is a recording of a live series so you can re watch them and come back to key insights and practices.

  • When does the series start and finish?

    The series starts when you sign up and you have lifetime access (as long as it's being offered). It is a completely self-paced series - you decide when you start and when you finish. It is paced out over 4 weeks, but you can complete it at your own convenience.

  • Can I do this Masterclass Series alone? Do I need my partner to be involved?

    Yes. This Masterclass series can be completed individually or together with your partner.

  • Is this event for all genders and sexual orientations?

    This series is open to cisgendered men and women and will be best suited for those who are heterosexually orientated.

    My lived experience as a cisgendered, mainly heterosexual woman, means that as your host, I want to honour the limitations based on my personal and professional experiences.

    I support the LGBTQIA+ community and care about people getting the education and teachings from people who are most qualified to hold and lead these teaching/coaching spaces.

    It’s important when we are working with people that we can feel they have lived and embody the experiences that we are healing and working through ourselves.

    You may like to check out these LGBTQIA+ sex coaches /sex educators / therapists :







  • I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

    You can email [email protected] or find me on Instagram @emmapiegler and send me a DM (Please allow 3 working days for a response).

If you have a question you can always find me on Instagram @emmaspiegler